Thursday, September 25, 2014

Representatives of the Council of Europe visited the Forum for discussion

Last week the office of the Greek Foum of Refugees was visited by Mr Nicolaj Villumsen, rapporteur on equality and the crisis at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. He, together with some collegues, had a meeting with representatives of the communities to speak about how the economical crisis has affected refugees in Greece and evaluate the impact of austerity measures on equality in Council of Europe member States. His mission is to make recommendations on how to ensure respect for equality and protection from discrimination in this complicated period. 

In a conversation that lasted more than two hours, the communities expresed their concern about the raise of intolerance in Europe, the difficulties they face in their daily live and the racism in Greek society. Also about concrete cases and how to fix some of these problems. 

This fruitfull conversation finished whit the promise of future collaborations and contacts.
Mr Villumsen already carried out fact-finding visits to Portugal and to Iceland earlier this year. 

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