Who we are


The Greek Forum of Refugees is a multinational network. The founding members are: the Afghan Migrants & Refugees Community in Greece (AMRCG), the Association of Sudanese Refugees in Greece (ASRG), the Society of Somalia in Greece (SSG) and the Greek Forum of Migrants (GFM). Members of GFR can be any groups of refugees, organized in a formal or informal way.

GFR's main goal is to create a viable network that will unite all refugees living in Greece through a joint course of action. GFR aims to provide assistance to refugees during the asylum procedure, to protect their rights and help their integration in the Greek society. 

The central idea of GFR is that none of the goals can be achieved without the participation of the refugees themselves.
Course of action:
Protect the rights of refugees
Ø  Inform refugees and asylum seekers about their rights and their obligations.
Ø  Systematic dialogue with all governmental authorities and human rights organizations aiming to the protection and aid of refugees and asylum seekers.
Ø  Pressure Greek authorities to guarantee a properly working and fair asylum system.
Ø  Share with the authorities and other actors recommendations on all the above issues.

Raise awareness
Ø  Disclose human rights violations.
Ø  Record and report abuses and discrimination, lack of protection, difficult living conditions (social exclusion, marginalization, no financial or other support).
Ø  Exercise pressure to the Greek and European authorities to improve the situation of refugees in Greece.
Ø  Raise awareness in the Greek society and media about the profile of refugees (reasons for fleeing, sufferings during the journey, needs and problems in the host country).

Encourage participation/integration of refugees
Ø  Promote active participation of refugees to social, cultural and sporting events.
Ø  Enhance collaboration between Greek and Refugee communities and organizations to bring the refugees closer to the Greek society.
Ø  Support refugees to organize themselves in groups and strengthen their capacity to participate in social life and public dialogue.

Networking in Greece and abroad
Ø  Create and reinforce its communication and cooperation with other organizations (NGOs, refugee communities, platforms, UN agencies) that work with refugee communities and on their rights in Greece, Europe and internationally.

Sudanese Refugees Association
General Secretary : Amir Elnour Adam
Astipalias 2 Patision 224- 11256 Athens Tel/fax +30211 183 913
For Greek: 30 6945 7665 30-- 30 699 8791 03
For Arabic: 30 6992 798 103-30 6943 444 121
For English: 30 6947 2037 45-30 6975 696 663

Afghan Migrants and Refugees Communities in Greece 
Spokesman : Kazim Royish
Tel & Fax . 2108814900 , Mob . 6946210393
Email: info@afghangr@com, afghansingreece@gmail.com.

Greek Forum of Migrants
Coordinator E.G of NHP : Moavia Ahmed
2108232446 , 6938569068

email: ingreece@hotmail.com, info@migrant.gr