Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Campaign #Nomorewar #Peace4Gaza #IVS4Peace

The Greek Forum of Refugees joins the campaign of the Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service to stop the violence in Gaza.#Nomorewar #Peace4Gaza #IVS4Peace. Share it!


CCIVS is a network of IVS organisations and IVS was created to develop and strengthen conditions of peace in every community, all over the world. IVS moves people, citizens, organisations from every region to build

peace, human rights, sustainable environments, fair living conditions for everyone, participation and culture, diversity and social inclusion.

CCIVS calls citizens to unite and contribute to stop the violence in the Middle East.

CCIVS calls organisations to raise their voice in order to press governments to stop the genocide in Gaza.

CCIVS calls on the governments of the world to take action to stop the crime against humanity taking place in Gaza. NO more killing, NO more war.

CCIVS calls for renewed efforts without impediment for mediation towards a lasting peace where people are treated with respect and dignity and their basic human rights are upheld.

No more war! Peace with dignity and justice for every person in the world. Stop the war; stop the genocide in Gaza now!

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