Thursday, May 8, 2014


During the past five days in four sea operations, including Samos, over 275 people were rescued by the Greek authorities.On 4 May, in Piraeus, 147 persons of Syrian and Egyptian nationality, including a large number of unaccompanied children, arrived after a search and rescue operation by the Greek Coast Guard off south Crete.Their boat had been left adrift for more than three days in the Mediterranean sea between Greece and Malta.Moreover, 69 persons primarily Syrians and Afghans were rescued off Samothrace and were transferred to the Evros region.

The Greek Forum of Refugees deeply regrets another sea tragedy that happened last Monday 5 May in Samos, when at least twenty two persons were found dead (12 women, 6 men and 4 children) after their boat capsized. Thirty six people were rescued through Greek Coast Guard and Frontex joint operation. The group consisted of Somalis, Eritreans and Syrians. There are still seven persons missing. 

A new adventure 24 refugee-fortunately without victims -came to be added to the list of events with immigrants or refugees going to mainland Europe.

Specifically, the harbor patrol boat spotted inflatable boat with 24 immigrants or refugees, according to the port, the passengers in the inflatable seeing port tore the inflatable boat and fell into the sea. Updated and Integrated Research and Rescue Center (JRCC) in our country but also that of Turkey, the wreck was in Turkish waters, but the rescue operation and rescue made the Greek port, as they were present. Then the survivors were taken by the Turkish coastguard vessel.

The Greek Forum of Refugees reiterates its appeal to governments to increase legal migration alternatives so that perilous irregular routes are avoided.

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